Overcoming Obstacles

Anything worth achieving will come with a price tag. Getting whatever you want is fairly simple on paper – work out what you want, work out the price you have to pay to get it and then pay that price.

I set a fat loss goal a few weeks back and immediately fell ill. I got better and then injured my back right after that.

The joke goes, if you want to make God laugh, then tell Him your plans.

Getting the 7 People book ready to sell was often a nightmare. Pretty much everything I needed to get done had problems:

  • Web designer vanished
  • Proof-reader fell ill
  • Proofs delayed from printer
  • Mistakes on cover during printing
  • Last-minute edit requests from book characters
  • Missing deliveries

All par for the course but once you accept challenges as part of the process, it all becomes much easier.

Paul Browning


  1. A good reminder that things seldom turn out exactly as planned; accepting disappointments and moving on is the only way to continue moving forward.

  2. From your tweets, sounds like the obstacles are still occurring, but I have confidence you’ll overcome them all and have a good story to tell about it all someday.

  3. As you say, there’s a price for anything worth achieving. It might be time, or money, or giving up something else in order to achieve a different objective. But if you hope to achieve success, then you’ll accept a reasonable price, work to overcome obstacles, and achieve your objective.

    • Yes, but you have to decide whether the price is reasonable or too high. If too high (giving up all your free time with the family; making yourself ill, etc.) then reconsider the objective.

      • Not everything that CAN be achieved SHOULD be achieved. Balance is important too.

  4. work/life balance!

  5. Every worthwhile goal is worth the hardships and pain!

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