Do Some TV Shows Make You Feel Sad?

David R Hawkins is one of the most brilliant spiritual leaders alive today.

Seriously, whenever I read his books I feel more enlightened and that can only be a good thing.

It doesn’t take a spiritual guru to work out that some things have high energy field and some low. This is true for people, food, music, books and of course TV shows. Hawkins has pioneered a way to measure energy fields using a method called kinesthesiology which simply measures what makes the body go strong or weak.

Measuring many shows and movies containing the below contnet was measured to make you go weak (read sad, depressed, irritable):

  • Violence
  • Sarcasm
  • Rap music
  • Reality TV
  • Home shopping

Enough said I think.


  1. James KD.

    Sometimes when the Scene goes to emotional πŸ™

  2. Maria Sophie


    Movies with sad endings makes me emotional πŸ™

  3. Jay Decay

    Am tough man , i dont cry πŸ˜€

  4. Reality TV and home shopping TV – can’t stand them myself, but obviously they make money for their creators, so many thousands must watch. Misery loves company?

  5. Violent shows make me nervous and I guess a little depressed that such bad things really happen sometimes.

  6. Rap music? I can’t understand the words so I guess that makes me immune from the bad feelings πŸ™‚ Like the beat though.

  7. Will have to learn more about David R Hawkins.

  8. Love his work and what Hawkins is intersted in.!!!!!

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