Come and meet the 7 very special individuals who have helped me to turn my life around. Who knows…maybe they can help you, too.

Geoff Thompson grew up a frightened little boy in Coventry. When he left school, he got a job sweeping up in a factory and was frequently bullied by the foreman.In his spare time he trained in the martial arts and boxing, and eventually began working as a doorman, where he was involved in countless violent confrontations.

Geoff wrote about his experience on the door. After 99 rejection letters, he was finally published. He went on to write over 30 books and move scripts, one of which won a BAFTA.

Geoff now runs life-changing seminars in the UK and internationally.


Jay Abraham was married with children by the age of 20. He was working dead-end jobs but realised that he needed to increase his means if he was to survive.Jay applied himself, working for several companies, and began to teach marketing principles, which he had tried and tested himself. He began consulting for companies and went from making $400 per month to $3 million per year.

Jay now writes books and runs marketing seminars in the USA and beyond. He lives in California with his wife and seven children.


Robert Kiyosaki grew up in Hawaii. His father was a university lecturer and told Robert as he grew up that he should get a good education and find a safe job. Robert saw that his father struggled financially and didn’t want that for himself.His best friend’s father was an uneducated entrepreneur. Despite this, he was the richest man in Hawaii. He took Robert under his wing and taught him the skills he needed to run a successful business. Robert went on to grow several companies and eventually wrote several bestsellers, including ‘Rich Dad – Poor Dad.’


Liz Ivory was born in a poverty-stricken district of Glasgow. Her father was a violent drunk who often fought with her mother. Liz and her sister ran away when she was 11 and they never returned home.Liz spent time in a hostel and eventually tried to take her own life. With the help of a caring psychiatrist, Liz rebuilt her life. She went on to run a successful business before meeting Richard Wilkins.

Richard and Liz now run life-changing seminars in the UK, where they help people to realise that we are all super heroes.


Richard Flook lost his mother to cancer when he was a young boy. He swore to himself that when he grew up he, would do everything he could to stop other children losing a parent in such a way.Richard trained for years in NLP before discovering cutting-edge research into how the body creates disease in reaction to traumatic life events. The system is called Meta Medicine (TM) and Richard is one of the world’s pioneers in this field.

Richard now travels the world conducting seminars on how we can treat and prevent disease ourselves.


Richard Wilkins was brought up by his mother, who suffered from a severe nervous condition. As a boy, Richard always believed he was about to die which troubled him greatly.Richard went on to become a multi-millionaire but lost everything in the recession. At his lowest point, he began to write poetry, which was published. He has written several other books since then.

Richard now runs seminars and speaks all over the UK with his partner, Liz Ivory.


Tony Somers left behind work in a factory to become a fire fighter, which was his dream job. While doing that job, he trained to become a counselor.Due to his life experiences Tony quickly became one of the UK’s leading counselors and is a highly sought after coach for performance athletes.

Tony now runs his own counseling business and conducts personal improvement seminars in the UK and internationally.