My name is Paul Browning.

I worked as a police officer in the UK for 12 years and left in 2000 for a glorious career in IT. So much for glory. I ended up working on a helpdesk and then a network support team before finally being made redundant.

I realised that I was better off working for myself, so I started my own IT company in 2002, which I sold in 2008.

I guess we all have our ups and downs and mine were huge financial difficulties, end of my marriage and a long legal battle to save my first business. All of these battles nearly broke me but with the help of therapy and some very kind people, I made it out to the other end.

I hope what I learned along the way will help you, too.

I now work for myself developing ideas and products on the Internet, as well as writing books that I hope will help other people.